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This unit gives you basic introduction of Interview & related myths, reality of it

What is Interview ?+

  • It is structured meeting between Job-seeker and an employer
  • Interviewing is a skill like riding your bike

Interview is two way road+

  • The interviewer is trying to assess the candidate for the job suitability
  • You decide if the environment is right for you.

Interview Myths+

  • Interviews are fair and objective
  • The job always goes to the best candidate
  • Some people are naturally good at interviews, others aren’t ; it’s not something you can change

Interview Reality+

  • Lots of research shows that interviewers consistently misjudge how good the candidate will be when they actually start doing the job
  • The job usually goes to the person who performs best at the interview.
  • Everyone can get better, a lot better.

All it takes is preparation and practice

  • If you have not properly trained and learned you are guaranteed to fall short of your objective.
  • This is about being superior to the contestant running in this career Race.
  • This program will help you to open your career door to achieving your target.

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