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Post and share JOB and  RESUME online & offline with Job Store.

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We train potential Job-seekers as per Company requirements. Employers will get right people on right time


Focus more on core business by outsourcing partial or full recruitment & placement process

Campus Grow

Bring more jobs & events to campus and helps to improve placement as well as branding of the Institute

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Get employment skill based training programs to stay ahead in competitions 

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Get online help in competitive exam test, Job based courses , Training materials, Projects  & Resume 

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Job-Store is 1st of its kind of  store for Employer ,Institute, Instructor and  Job-Seeker. Job-Store helps to get the job  or get ready for the job. Job-Store offering  Job-Placements, Job-Search , Skilled Staffing , Training  and Job Resources. Job Store is initiative of Sun Solutions - Business Consulting Company since 2011.


Be a leader in providing employment based skills with technology and personal growth as well as leader in talent platform.