At College & Needs Help

During College we might have some challenges and we need to understand it to make better career plan. Here are some cases.

  1. Thinking about Left the College
  2. Choosing College Subject
  3. Don’t Know what to do next ?

We understand each , one by one and will know how we can make our decision better.

1.Thinking About Left the College

When you plan to left college education , we need to understand why we are doing it ? So ask few question to yourself

  • Is it a really tough time Financially or Socially or Personally ?
  • Is it College situation or other situation forcing for this decision ?
  • Do you have another plan ?

What help I can get from College ?

Before leaving the College , we need to find out what college can help in our decision. It might be college can help in some cases to continue your education or college can lead you in right direction.  For Example : In past , Raging forces many students to left college. Nowadays, Many Colleges are very serious on such issues and addressing it immediately.

Why it is good to continue College ?

  • Professional Qualification can help to find right Job
  • Can go for Master
  • College education can be base to your professional life
  • Helping to make better society

2. Choosing College Subject

Subjects you enjoy

Find out your favorite learning subjects .

Ask yourself:

  • Subjects that I like most ?
  • Why I like it ?
  • What is future of these Subjects ?
  • Can I relate this subject to my personal or professional goal ?
  • Fundamental understanding of  the Subject
  • Does I have taken feedback from experts ?
  • Does I have done research on scope of subject ?

Don’t Do

  • Don’t follow the subject of friend’s choice because they are at the same level as you are.
  • Don’t follow just money view

For Example ,

In past , PTC – course was in very much demand because people thought Primary Teacher is best job of the world and by doing this we can be in heaven.  Later as education standard raised , Entire course can’t help much to get the Job as a Teacher.


  • Find more about Subject You like
  • Take Expert opinion
  • Take Parents involvement
  • Track future options

3. Don’t Know what to do next ?

No idea what you will do without complete College ?

  • What subjects you like most at College ? What things you will do without college ? How many career options do you have without college ? Make a list and compare it with benefits
  • Ask family & friends to brainstorm and list both side of the coin.
  • Ask career consultant

Too many choices

  • If you have too many choices and can’t decide , try to talk as much as people about job that you interested and get more information about it and check future challenges and your readiness
  • Ask college
  • Search job related to liked subject , Get Industry insights
  • Talk to career consultant

Parents don’t agree with your career choice?

  • Clear your future plan and career path with facts and practicality with your parents. Make a list of good point about your career choice and make a plan how you will reach at goal
  • Listen parents carefully and related family challenges. More you listen , more you understand
  • Try to find the way in win-win situation.
  • For Example : You would like to become pilot and parents don’t agree with because of strong need of financial support.  So you must understand it and try to figure out related loans & other options first and their challenges  & risk .

Didn’t get into the course you wanted?

  • Search out the options to get admission into your targeted course or college
  • Understand why you want it ? If there are other ways such as distance learning or e-learning can be done then don’t be panic.
  • Understand Job & Education is two different thing , so you can have chances to get job in your desired area.

Would not like to leaving home to study?

  • Understand your decision is it condition that force you or your fear / homesickness forcing you for this decision.
  • Leaving home for study helps you to grow more skills of teamwork, management, communication and lifelong new experience as well.
  • Do Some research , how you can find home feeling at that location ?
  • List down future benefits

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