Back to Job after Gap

After having children ,  due to unemployment or due to competitive exam preparation or any other reason career gap can happen. Now you are planning to return to work and start find the job. but you might feel that :

  • don’t have right skills which I required
  • Not flexible enough to try any job
  • Working hours or pressure seems unmanageable to me
  • Overload of own pre-conditions or pre-definitions
  • What others think about me?

How to start?

  • If you have experience and reference with same industry or past employer . Contact first
  • For Fresh Start – Use Online & Offline job search methods
  • Try free work methods
  • Learn Job Ready courses
  • Invest in yourself in terms of Skills

How to Prepare ?

  • Prepare up to date CV. If possible use professional resume designing services to better impression.
  • Prepare yourself for interview , mentally first
  • Make connections with concern people to follow up or to help
  • Sharpen your core skills & abilities , if  necessary go for Job ready trainings

Gaps in CV !

Career gap is important for employers  to consider anyone for employment. but it does not mean you hide and employer will like it. More than skills , honesty will be considered. Now , Following tips helps you to deal with gap.

  • Highlight your past experience or skills
  • Show Training or New Skills adoption or Recent experience in Gap
  • Justify your gap with strong reason to yourself first and in Interview as well