Decision Consideration

Before making decision, Compare all options available to you and make a list of pros & cons of each.

  • Does this career option fit with my skills, personal values, family and interests?
  • How I will grow in this Career ?
  • How will this option affect the rest of my life – my personal life , my loved ones and other dreams?
  • Can I take expert advice on any options ?

Understand your Need

Before making decision , we need to find our core need from desired job. Most people does not focus on inner core needs which leads to early give up after joining.

This needs theory helps you to understand your present needs and you can relate it with your career.

  • Physiological Needs :  Breathe, Food, Water, Sleep etc.,
  • Safety : Body Security, Employment, Resources, Morality, Family, Health , Property etc.,
  • Love : Family, Friendship etc,.
  • Esteem : Self esteem, confidence, respect, achievement etc.,
  • Self actualization : Creativity, Problem Solving, Acceptance of facts etc.,

Find which option is best fit ?

  • Government Job
  • Private Job
  • Self Employed