What is an entrepreneurship?

It is define as capacity and will to develop and manage business venture with any of its risk to .

An entrepreneur is someone who:

  • Ready to take risk
  • Ready to identify what is missing and where is opportunity
  • Add value and inspire others too
  • is creative or innovator
  • is see big picture
  • Hunger of learning
  • Strong believe in own passion, dream & vision
  • Ready to fall & raise

Many more factors you can add here in entrepreneurship as successful career.

How to come up with a idea?

Many ways to generate ideas , Try these:

  • lateral thinking –  Be creative and think out of box for some problem or entirely new approach
  • blue-sky thinking – No reality or practical limit and bring something new. i.e. concept cars
  • gap analysis – Find gap between demand  and supply at any point

How to bring best Ideas?

  • Keep on trying, Act & test on ideas
  • by getting hands on experience & working  in targeted field
  • by deep research on subject
  • Make deep assessment of yourself – Passion, Skills, Challenges etc.,
  • True for some , best come in survival mode
  • Keep on learning from everywhere including competitors
  • From business mentor

Most important for Business

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Team

Get Started – Business Plan

To start best , you need best plan. So it should include

  • Business Objectives for upcoming 3 – 5 years
  • Decide how will you achieve those objectives with time line ?
  • Process of Decision Making and daily routine


Around 90% business die early stage because of shortage of Finance. If business does not generate enough profit you can’t run longer. Following links can help you more.


In competition it is very important to make good marketing. So it is good to take hire business mentors or Sales mentors to boost business. Here are some of partner can help you.

A Business / Sales mentor will help you :

  • to make better Sales and business plan
  • to connect customer, cash-flow & branding
  • to provide fresh view as per market
  • to get motivation and decide goal better


Company is made by employees, so better the team – better the company.  Hiring is not a easy as it seems . HR Consultant can easier the task .

A HR Consultant can help you in :

  • Talent Hunt
  • Training
  • Productivity
  • Payroll Processing

We also recommend to learn more about entrepreneurship , Business Management & Leadership. Please check out more in training .