Find Your Skills

Why it is important to find about your skills ? Because it helps you find best fit job and related concerns such as.

  • Helps to search skill relevant job
  • Helps to highlight specific skills in CV
  • Helps to plan your training

Types of Skills

At Job you will use a different skills. These skills are:

  • Employability skills
  • Transferable skills
  • Specialist skills.

Employability Skills

Most common and universal skills which mostly required at job , comes under employability skills . Such as

  • Communication Skills, Business Etiquettes, Team Work , Positive Attitude, Problem Solving, Leadership , Self-Management & Learning Skills

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Transferable Skills

A transferable skill which you can transfer it from one job to another. For Example , able use sales or accounting software in one company to another company with help of basics .

Specialist Skills

Specialist skills is a specific job.  For Example

  • Sales Skills
  • Recruitment in HR
  • SAP program for SCM module

If you are looking to  develop your specialist Skills , Ask our Experts to help you.