Get Career Options

How to get Career Options

  • Explore career options with job search
  • Get Inspiring Career Stories
  • Look part-time and Free jobs around you
  • Keep on learning online
  • Find Mentors
  • Stay Connected in your interest related Network

Job Search                                                           

Following things needs to understand you start searching Job.

  • Understand Job
  • Understand your skills related to Job
  • If not enough skills get it first
  • What is career path , learning path of the Job ?

Keep in your mind more open about future and try to see job search with few key things in mind.

  • What jobs are in demand now and Why ?
  • What regions have the most jobs and Why ?
  • What are your skills which does not affected by automation and still you required ?

For career starters , learning is far more important than anything. So keep that in mind while searching job

How to get job ready without Job?

  • Do volunteer or Free work
  • Keep on learning
  • Be realistic in expectations and in learning during industry projects
  • Check out online options regularly

Tips for Fresher – Free Work & Training

  • Develop expertise and skills first , rest will follow you
  • Nothing is free so the missing opportunity will cost you later
  • Be Dedicated at learning or be ready to pay the cost of time & future competition
  • Don’t give up image is easy to share and hard to execute .
  • Don’t give excuses

Job  Trainings

  • Knowledge is like fuel to career engine, so keep on learning
  • Make Difference in career race
  • No Work , No Training  Or No learning will decrease your career speed in competition
  • Job courses helps to stay healthy and fit in terms of career like gym training for body.
  • Easy Job getting – Many job programs are with job assistance


Do you find your loved ones stops you from your goal?

Don’t comes with wrong conclusion . Try to understand

  • Why they feel this ? Just Ask
  • Put yourself in their position and think about why they hold this opinion.
  • Do they have more good reasons to argue?
  • Do your research to show you’re making an informed decision
  • Share your reasons for choosing this career calmly.
  • Best answer to all is – Prove yourself

Types of work arrangement and hours

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Volunteer / Free-work
  • Temporary
  • Project base
  • Self-employed
  • Work from Home