Government Job – Private Job

You can start your career with any type of job that interest you. In INDIA , Govt Jobs are always in demand due to its social charm. Here have look at benefits of each.

Benefits of Government Job

  • Good Job Security
  • Job Stability
  • Social Status
  • Work for Government
  • Enjoy power of designation

Benefits of Private Job

  • Easy to get Started
  • Fast career growth as per performance
  • More Personal Growth in terms of Knowledge & Skills
  • More Skills – More you will get
  • More opportunities at local & at international level

Which one is best to start ?

We recommend don’t compare with each other because everyone has different needs as per time but Before you choose any option ask yourself following questions.

  • What is your actual inner needs from Govt Job / Private job ?
  • What you see the career path after getting the job ?
  • What motivates you about that job?
  • How fast you would like to grow ?
  • How much time it will take to get your targeted job ?
  • What is Plan B , in case you fail to get that job ?
  • If preparation takes time . Are you ready to handle social & competition Pressure ?

Plan B

If you are preparing for government job , you need to give lot of efforts and needs good preparation for competitive exams.  By each passing exams competition will increase. So you should prepare for other job as well. Don’t disturb your study by part-time job or full-time other job if don’t needed. Simply don’t try to run two horses at a time.

Better to develop Other skills which can also helps in Govt job or in Private Job

  • Public Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Business Etiquettes
  • HR Skills
  • Marketing Skills

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