Most Wanted Skills

Following are some of most wanted skills by most employer and by improving following skills you can find best job. By Training you can sharpen your wanted skills .

  • Positive Attitude
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Learning
  • Teamwork
  • Personal Values
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline

Positive Attitude : Attitude is key to most of your routine. How you look at problem and solutions ? Positive attitude helps you to see things differently and improve your actions. So most employer wanted it.

Problem Solving : In today’s time we are habitual to want things faster and we find readymade solutions on the internet. But that is not the case in our real life, many problems needs hard-work and great efforts. if you look closely many successful entrepreneurs are great problem solvers. Think about it .

Communication Skills : For example Animals might be knowing more than us but can’t express. We can express so we can find better solutions by helping each other. Same way in organization, If we can’t communicate effectively we can miss the opportunity.

Learning :  Willingness to learn is asked by most employer. Employer is ready to teach any skills which required to do the job , but they can’t if would not like to learn. In today’s time – this is really a bottleneck to many young people because candidate think that they know this and I will not do this because I have done graduation in this particular area. But in reality everything is connected to each other in organization. So if you know production process , you can hire better people as HR executive.

Teamwork : Organization is made by people , So better team makes better organization. Just think in your home , no one helps each other nor talk with each other. What could be happen ? Sure you know the answer , so employer wants very good team players.

Personal Values   : Any skills can be thought but not personal values. This comes with environment around you with long journey from childhood to adulthood. Personal values are most demand by employer more than domain knowledge in many cases. For Example how you define your friend ? you will surprise – he/she will be in list of your most trusted people. Same way organization need such from each other and it is continuous process .

Flexibility : New system comes in place and you are not ready to accept it . Now that system is important to future of company. What company will do , if you deny to work on that system. Simply , you will lose the job. Point is flexibility helps you to learn new things and that is why it is wanted employer skills. For example , you don’t like smart phone so you don’t learn it . Next what ? You can miss future stuff.

Discipline : This most wanted skill is miss out by many youngsters. If we study most successful business people or others . You will be surprised to know that they are very much disciplined compare to others.

Let’s take example , what discipline can do . Person A & Person B both are with same skills and same knowledge..

Person  A wake up at 8 AM in the morning———-Person B wake up at 5 PM in the morning.

A needs 2 hours for get Ready for Work ———- B needs 1 hours for get ready for work

A starts work  at 10 AM                      ———- B  starts work at 7 PM

Daily : Person B gets more 3 hours compare to person A

Monthly : Person B gets more 30X3 = 90 Hours compare to person A

Yearly : Person B get more 90 X 12 = 1080 Hours = 45 Days compare to person A

Let’s get back to company , Employer pays for each working hours and if you don’t use it effectively than results will reflect it.

How to improve Most wanted Skills ?

  • By volunteer work or Work for Free
  • Playing sport & Art also develop many life skills
  • Helping your family routine , Surprise but works
  • Develop hobby or interest
  • Take part in College events, Debate & Competitions
  • Take part in environment activities , Nature is best teacher
  • Keep on Learning
  • Take paid Trainings , If you think why to Pay ? Think about Time – it cost you a lot. Better to run faster.


New Most wanted 

  • Basics of Computer, Internet , English