Ready for Career Change

If you already working for the job and if you are planning for career change. Following questions helps you to decide better goal.

  • Are you changing job too early ?
  • Which need you targeted to achieve by change ?
  • Have you secured new job already ?
  • Are you bored or stressed with present job ?
  • Does family feels the same stress , unhappiness or work depression as I do ?
  • Is there any issue that your boss or teammate can’t help in ?
  • Are your working against your values, beliefs or interest ?
  • Am I using my skills and knowledge enough?
  • Have I learnt new skills that are not being used in my current job?
  • Are you change in same field or total change?
  • Does your family adjust with pay gap or drop during finding new job ?
  • Do you stay if salary hike or position hike in present job ?
  • Are you ready to relocate if required ?
  • Is there any other way to fulfill desires without job change ?
  • Do you want more responsibility, skills or knowledge etc.,?

Change decision – Factors of Consideration

Think about:

  • How family & loved ones affected by career change ?
  • How your change will affect finance ?
  • Compare pros & cons of future job and present job