Self Employed

What is self employed  ?

Working for oneself as a freelance or the owner of a business rather than for an employer.

Example of Self-Employed career

  • Doctor
  • CA or Accountant
  • Designer
  • Acting
  • Film Direction
  • Painter
  • Entrepreneurship

Benefits of Self-Employed Career

  • Follow your passion & creativity
  • Sky is the limit for Financial & Personal Growth
  • Enjoy Freedom
  • Better work-life balance

Why you choose to be self employed ? You might be like

  • want to support your own strong passion
  • want a variety of work or work places
  • want to plan your own way of time, hours of work, how you work
  • wanted to focus on children as a parent
  • reach at level of expert and want to share it own way
  • can’t find a full-time job in your area of work
  • want additional money

Does a self employed  fit for you?

Before deciding be a self employed , Understand your abilities.

  • Ability to make yourself responsible for everything time , money & efforts
  • Ability to manage work pressure
  • Ability to be well organized
  • Clear understanding of what you do & what you get paid in how much time.
  • Ready for sell yourself
  • Ability to identify your own mistake, learning , opportunity , solutions & resources

What are the advantages of a self employed career ?

  • Freedom of time, work , life & passion
  • Show your creative power
  • Progress like Sky is limit
  • Job security – Your expertise is your resume .

What are the challenges of a self employed career?

  • You will not paid at the end of the month without performance . You have to earn it
  • For everything you are responsible including regular income
  • It is not 8 hour job shift, It is 24 hour shift
  • Ready to face reality of paper plan and real plan output at financially , professionally & family wise
  • Look out all things together – Big Picture .

How to Start Self employed career?

  • Get Advice from industry experts and understand challenges & opportunities
  • Do you research about targeted market, skills & offers
  • Keep on learning
  • Get your first assignment no matter if delivered free . It will boost confidence to make better plan

How to get success as Self employed ? 

  • Keep on Learning & keep an eye on targeted market
  • Build Capital , focus on regular Income
  • Get best process as earliest in all areas of work
  • Be flexible for every situation
  • Evaluate yourself and fix it

Choose best

  • Don’t compare self-employed career with  regular employment. Both has benefits and challenges in their own way. In technology time , Sky is the limit . So keep on working.