Skill Improvement

After formal education , most people directly approach for the job rather than understanding job skill requirement.  Don’t apply to job blinding without understanding and matching job skills requirement.

Training Myths Vs Reality

1. Myth : Don’t need any training or free work , because we have formal degree education

Reality : If you are preparing for government job , do you think training is not needed? You will go for training because you know reality of competition and your abilities which exam needs.  But you pay for training because in our society government job is like last wish.

Entire picture is like You would like to be a king and you only  need good weapon in big last fight only. If you really would likAe to be king, Sharpen your skills every-time, in every opportunity and give best shot be acquiring skills.

Free-work & Training courses are best way to acquire new industrial skills. Many Job ready programs helps you to get job assistance as well .

2. Myth : Why to invest after already invested in degree education ?

Reality : Nothing is free, not even success. Every learning needs input whether it is paid in terms of money or in terms of time, efforts or energy.

For Example : candidate A & B have same education from same college. Candidate B work-free for 3 months and 3 months Job ready courses as well.  After 6 months Candidate B get the job with XYZ amount.

Candidate A is searching job from last 1 Year and get the job with less than XYZ amount.

See, Candidate B has clear advantage of investing time, energy  & money and gets early return and more return as well.  Even after training & skills you get just Rs. 1000 more compare to candidate with basic education – still you are making Rs.12000 difference at the end of the year.  Moreover your chances of stability is higher as well.

3. Myth : No importance of training certification or free-work experience

Reality : Many industrial certification leads you to much higher chances of Job. Ask industry  experts or search online you will notice that many jobs required compulsory industry specific or skill specific certification.

Free-work experience helps you to get skills faster and learn faster while getting actual job. Moreover free-work experience give you sense of responsibility and discipline which are very important for employer to consider you for job.

4. Myth : Once we get the job, we will get the training

Reality :  Formal training at work-place is depends on job as well as on company. So not necessary that you will get the training first. Moreover, From employer view -training is also cost + investment . Thus employer gives more priority to high skilled candidates.

If you don’t have enough skills or little bit experience of reality , it will leads you to stress during training at job. Presently many employers experience that candidates give up during training only.

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