Plan and Act

We sure you already decide your goal and path of it. Now it’s time to take action.

Write down your goal

Visualize yourself in your targeted Job and goal that you would like to reach.  Write it down and best goal is SMART .

For example:

  • I want to become a HR Manager in Manufacturing Company
  • I want to become Graphic designer
  • I want to join Navy as Communication expert
  • I want to change my job to MNC company

SMART goals

Goal should be..

S = Specific in nature

M = Measurable with results

A = Achievable , should be practical

R = Relevant , to career plan

T = Time bound with Review

Write it , Make it

Following steps will help you to make better plan.

  1. Research about goal First – Online , Offline & Personal
  2. Understand challenges to your goal
  3. Get Help from Industry Experts OR Take Trainings
  4. Regularly do Self assessment

Preparing for work

Get following checklist done.

  • an up-to-date resume
  • Experience documents
  • Salary documents & proofs
  • Education Documents
  • Certificates and awards documents
  • Portfolio documents if needed
  • Government ID
  • Bank Account if needed
  • Formal Basic Clothes
  • Transport route understanding & Knowledge

Step-by-step guide to getting work experience

In case if you don’t have experience , try to get following things done before apply for the job.

  • Job Ready course certificate
  • Free work Experience
  • Project work Experience
  • Any References if  available

Apply for Job

Here we consider that you already decide your career goal and path of it. Now , following steps needs to be taken care of .

  • Prepare CV : Most career starter don’t give importance to professional CV and that leads to early rejection. CV is your professional image like and work and ticket to interview. Thus get your CV error free , Simple with your skills & experience rather than just plain personal details. If needed take a help of professional resume makers to make first impression.
  • Job Search : Don’t blindly apply to any job without understanding about company, location, Job Skill requirement and job challenges. Most career starters just go for money in mind and leads to give up. Don’t choose the just job, choose the learning first. While experience people does not have this issue , we recommend them to check their readiness for the job
  • Prepare for Interview : Don’t take interview as lightly routine activity. It is opportunity , Interview is single chance to make your first achievement. If you fail, it means wait for next one. So prepare best for Interview. Starting from Company info, products , services , job profile, location & industry challenges & future of it in which company is operating.  You can also take interview skills courses to increase your chances.
  • Before & after Interview : If you are giving interview first time than, we should know basic requirements as a ideal candidate such as Present on time at Interview, Basic professional etiquettes, Follow Dressing guideline , Show confidence during interview, Ask for feedback of interview assessment if allowed. If rejected take a better shot.