Survive after Joining

After getting selected , it is more important that you survive for minimum job period of 100 – 180 days at least for getting experience , understand company , team , roles & responsibilities. Don’t become job-hopper without strong reason which next employer can believe . More you hope , more you will be doubt for next employer. Don’t worry if your skills are rare.

Most fresher candidates are join early and give up early because of poor give up attitude. Understand entire picture with following example

For Example : You are employer

  • Fresher  : Sir, I am fresher . Give me job . I will do every task. I will be loyal and honest. I am looking for experience
  • You : Try internship here for free
  • Fresher : No, I can’t work for free
  • You : What is your salary expectation ?
  • Fresher : Rs. XYZ
  • You : It is equal to experience candidate, How to prove your worth of salary ?  You don’t have enough skills even
  • Fresher : Sir, I am fresher . Give me job . I will do every task. I will be loyal and honest. I am looking for experience
  • (You have taken risk & Selected Fresher without skills for creativity and for future )
  • Fresher : I can join after 15 days, I have some task
  • You : Ok, We will wait for you
  • ( Joined after 20 days )
  • Fresher : You have to give me training than I can do required task
  • You : Give training and expected out put
  • ( One month passed , Salary done, No Output)
  • Fresher : I can’t do these part of task because it is very small
  • You : Ok, Try this big task
  • Fresher : I need all these resources to complete this task
  • You : Ok, Get these resources
  • Fresher : No output, I think task has problem
  • You : Alright , Solve it
  • ( Second month passed, Salary done, No output )
  • Fresher : I can’t solve it because out of our education
  • You : Search it , it just takes a time and effort
  • Fresher : I tried on google , but no luck
  • You : Try again,
  • Fresher : I think boss you don’t understand , task is wrong and resources are not enough
  • You : Try more on field and start from small learning
  • Fresher : Lot of pressure in job , My family already told me to prepare for government job. My Friend is enjoying as data entry operator. Here , No creativity and very small company to learn. Boss also don’t understands me. So , I have to leave the job .
  • ( Third month Passed, Salary done, No output )
  • You : Next day waiting for him/her, already tried calling but no reply from fresher

Now , what you will do in future ? 🙁


Fresher : Lost (Possible good opportunity + Credit of future fresher)

Employer : Lost (Salary Cost + Training cost + Resources Cost + 3 Months time + Negative Review + Production Output + Restart the process)

Future Impact : We are sure, You already know it. Actual lose. Many employer & employee practices comes into place after series of experiences vice-versa. Take care of each other and keep on learning .

That’s all. You are smart enough to understand the message.

Quick actions for surviving after joining 

  • Observe and Open to Learn about people, work culture and skills
  • Strive to meet work Goals with time
  • Follow Ethics and Work disciplines 
  • Actions speaks louder than words, Avoid shortcuts
  • Learn Stress management and work life balance
  • Lead by example and respect team
  • Don’t Do > Judge early, Gossip much, Not helping team
  • Follow Day Plan and do list with team
  • Improve Communication & yes – Common sense
  • Trust yourself
  • Stay positive
  • Be calm
  • Practice

Best of you.