Where to Start

First we need to understand who we are and what we want ?  For that we need to understand work and life. Following questions will lead us to in that direction and we need to ask these questions ourselves

Who am I?

One of the most basic question which can open big doors of our life. Seems very simple question but it is hard. More you understand yourself , better you understand the world.

Here we just consider interests, skills, values and qualities. We should also ask ourselves :

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I like to do in my spare time?
  • What have I achieved already?
  • What things am I passionate about?

What are my Skill interests?

More you know about your Skill interest , more you will happy with such work.  But most Fresher do not go deeply in their own skill interest at early and consider it as final one which can make your decision wrong. So better go deep down  and work hard on your skill interest and find most details of it. Don’t just follow your friends interest or Grand-father’s interest or someone who recently got good pay. Find about yourself !

What are my values?

Values are much more important in any job and most fresher candidates just focus on domain knowledge , while after joining they can’t adjust with personal and organization values . Results into early give up.

Here , following questions can help to find your personal values and working conditions .

  • Hours : at What your time and how many hours you would like to work ?
  • Job security or risk : Job Security is very much considered during selection of job in INDIA but need to understand that job security and job satisfaction is different  thing. So understand your priority. And bottom line is more you have skills and expertise , risk will be lesser.
  • Back-Office or Field-Work : Do you like work on desk or like work on field ? Think about it. Presently students choose more indoor jobs while after joining they can’t hold in office whole day with same work and give up. So find out your choice of work environment.
  • Working with Team : To work with team is not always easy when you are new to the environment , it takes a   time naturally and if you can’t give enough time to yourself or to team, it will be stressful. So decide would you like to work alone or in team, If yes then which kind of ?
  • Work Variety : Today many youngsters have a problem of getting bored easily. This can be happen at    job as well. Try to find your preference , How easily you can switch to other work  or you like follow a routine.
  • Dangerous and Difficult work : Not everyone can ready to take risk of repairing electrical pole. or not everyone enjoying wild photography . Do you think such difficult work motivates you. If yes than take your best shot.
  • Personal  and Cultural values : INDIA is multicultural and that is why personal & cultural values makes huge impact on final decision of professional and personal life. For Example in one state liquor  is allowed while in another state it is not which might be not acceptable to you or family during relocation.

Where am I?

Before making career decision  we need to understand where we are ? and where to go . We need to understand our personal situations. Following factors should be considered.

  • Family expectations – Look at your parents or family opinion about what career you should choose, or what course you should study or what they can afford to help you.
  • Career readiness – What is next plan ? Diploma to Degree or Degree to Master . If going for master, Go ahead without looking back
  • Challenges – Finance or Family situation might be bottleneck to study further or Need to try new location.

Where do I want to be?

In many interviews you will see this question of where do you want to be ? More clear answers shows your vision clarity about your own future. Few related questions might help you to find answer. Ask yourself

  • Do you want a job that earns lot of money?
  • Do you want a job that will give free time for other professional activities?
  • Do you like giving advice or having people come to you for help?

Need help?

Once you finalize your skills and ideas about yourself, you should share your thoughts and get more details about it. More you find , more insights you will get about your decision.

  • Try to share your decision with family , friends or teachers or Specially Industry experts.
  • If you are doing part-time internship or volunteer work , ask to teammates about your skills and possible future.