Work life balance

Here we understand about work-life balance

What is work-life balance?

It is all about right balance between work life and personal life.  If your work life is taking much time from you than it might be you will not be able to give time to your child may be. Same way too much time to personal life also affect the work life as well.

For Example your team mate is continuously on personal call to family at office. How you feel ? So maintain that line

How to check Work-life balance ?

Try these few questions to yourself and your situation. Look if any abnormal founded

  • What is your working hours ?
  • What is your sleeping hours ?
  • Are you giving right time to your loved ones ?
  • Are your habits of eat , sleep or routine seriously affected by work life or personal life ?
  • Are you spending too much time for office work after office hours ?

Why balance is important ?

More work-life balance brings better physical & mental health as well as better relationships at work life & personal life. Both role can be affect each other in stress.

What to do if balance is affected ?

  • Identify root of the problem . For example too much time at office or taking long hours of reporting like that
  • Find more about your productivity , What is your average time of doing work and what is best  bench mark ?  Can you do work faster with quality ?
  • Understand are you doing work by habits or by situation. Are you work to look yourself busy  or you have too much work ?
  • Get organized & Disciplined in personal & professional life
  • Find more ways to doing work
  • Ask for Help from employer
  • Stay alert for health & Time