At Job Store, we continuously guide job seekers for best prepared candidate for any interview. Our experts covers many aspects for interviews. Here, we would like to share some Basic  interview rules to be best prepared candidate for interview.

Interview rules…

  • Be smart in Interview – Smartness is represented through your choices during interview. Interviewer may ask why you have chosen particular education stream and that answer will show your smartness. Starting from Job Search, Career Plan, During Interview & After Interview you must stay smart in every aspect by careful listening, Home work & by understanding yourself.
  • Fit in – Be Flexible and try to fit in any situation. It might possible that you have to wait long time for Interview but just don’t panic and stay cool. It is possible someone is observing might be.
  • Be comfortable during Interview – No reason to put yourself into stress without any benefits.
  • Be on time @ Interview – Not too early nor Late. Be on time is very good habit as well as it is also a discipline. Most of successful people are strongly work on time.
  • Fresh up yourself – Do you like fresh & full of energy face ? If yes so just fresh up yourself before interview which can also helps to get more relax.
  • Be nice at reception 
  • Respect yourself – When you are waiting for interview and you are watching other job-seekers and you start comparing yourself with them either high or low. Don’t compare yourself with any one. You only get well respected if you are giving respect to yourself. Trust yourself . Be confident about your capabilities but does not mean that you ignore others or ignore yourself in Interview.
  • Control emotions in Interview
  • Smile Please – It does not cost much mostly, S0 🙂

Get Rejected Easily in Interview

  • No Right personal appearance
  • Poor Communication
  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm
  • Lack of tact, maturity, vitality, courtesy, and social understanding, sense of humor.
  • Lack of knowledge of field specialization
  • Lack of planning for career : no purpose and goals.
  • Overbearing, over aggressive, conceited, superiority
  • Fake

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